There’s always room for improvement…

During the summer it’s nice to have a chance to reflect on what is working well, and what is working not so well. I love to trouble shoot. Think big. Fix stuff.

One of my weakest teaching points is the end of class. I love activities. Unfortunately, everyone finishes at a different time and the end of class ends up crAzy. How can I fix this? How can I pull everyone back in?

Exit tickets! But with a spin… of course. A weeks worth of exit tickets on one page that gets handed in at the end of the week. Five options on ways to summarize what students have learned. Here is the idea: Each individual gets to pick which ticket they want to fill out at the end of each day, but all must be completed by Friday at the end of class. Follow the link to the free download. Let me know what you think!


Exit Slips

Exit Tickets Free Download

2 thoughts on “There’s always room for improvement…”

  1. I love that you give students choices AND that a week’s worth of exit slips are all on one handout…I will definitely be trying this out this year!!!

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