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Teaching the Scientific Method

The scientific method is perhaps the most commonly taught idea in middle school science. And it should be.

The scientific method not only explains how science studies new things, but about thought processes and solving real life issues.

I have comprised a bundle over the past 3 1/2 years of my favorite and most loved scientific method EVERYTHING. These resources approach the scientific method from every possible angle.

  1. Scientific Method PowerPoint and Student Notes: The type A learner. Organized. Informative. To the point. Full of definitions and straight forward explanations.
  2. Activities: I cannot say enough about these. These are ALL TIME favorites. The grass activity gets them EVERY. TIME. This pack comes with teacher background information and tips, picture guides, and student lab sheets for 3 labs.  Scientific Method Lab Activities
  3. More Activities: Because you can never have enough, really. You can use these anytime of year. These are my “pinterest inspired labs.” The gummy bear. The food coloring in the milk. The floating paper clip. And my favorite completely original demo is included, just for fun.
  4. Scientific Method Literacy: Some students need to read a story. Here are three. Interactive questions included. Again, use any time of year. Sub plans. Whatever.
  5. Task Cards: I got really into task cards last year. It was a new thing for me. I like to literally hide them all over my room and make kids go find them. These go with the notes, so they’ll need to bring those along for help. It’s a great get-out-of-your-seat review.
  6. Word Sort: I started making these about half way through last year. This one is ‘simpler,’ but I still love it. Kids needs to arrange topics on their desk as a web. It’s a physical web they make instead of writing down a web. Easy for you, too! Walking around and sliding a card around it a whole lot easier than having kids erase and re-write. Lots of possibilities with this one! card sort 2SM Card sort
  7. MY NEW FAVORITE! I don’t even know what to call it. Right now it’s called “Scientific Method Review Activity.” This activity requires a great deal of application in analyzing steps of the scientific method and applying them to three different scenarios. There are three suggested uses that accompany this resource. Even though I don’t do interactive notebooks, you can easily adjust one of the options for use in one.  See picture below. IMG_2110
  8. Just to round things out, there are some extra review sheets and a quiz.

You cannot go wrong with these resources. Get excited about teaching again. Inspire future generations. Make a difference. Be the positive.

Of course, If you’re like me and like to save money, you can do ALL these things for 37% off! Check out my Scientific Method Bundle, for only $14. I’ve spent ages putting these together. Save yourself a headache and ENJOY TEACHING AGAIN.

Happy Summer.